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Apple Macbook MC207LL/A - Outdated? I Don't Think So

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Out with the old and in with new, millions and millions of people are ditching their old devices for their higher end counterparts. The iPhone 7 was recently released and people who've only had their iPhone 6 for a month or two are so quick to ditch their new device for a much newer device , but it makes no sense to be so quick to make such a change that'll cost you so much money. Logically speaking you should at'least get your money's worth out of your old device before making an upgrade....While a'lot of people are quick to upgrade because they fill the new model is better than the old that's not always the case. When it comes to laptops(Apple brand) there's one model that seems to be making a comeback. Looking through our sales statistics and other marketplaces there seems to be a strong trend of buyers ditching their higher end Apple macbooks (2010 and up ) for the Apple Macbook MC207LL/A model.


Why the downgrade?

Easy answer - its not really much of a downgrade and with the difference in price between this older model and the newer models its perfectly logical to see that the huge gap in price does not justify the difference in specs.

Why buy the same quality for a much higher price? (crickets chirping)......(more silence).....(whistling wind blows)...that's exactly it, no one would .. 

So in conclusion if your looking for a decent Macbook on a budget take a look at eh 2009 Model Macbook MC207LL/A and we're certain it will be more than enough to get the job done.



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